12 Fun Eid Games For Kids

12 Fun Eid Games For Kids

Eid is around the corner and we're excited! I bet the kids are too! Make it memorable this year by adding heaps of fun and laughter! We've listed 12 awesome fun games that will keep them moving and begging for more! Not sure about you, but I'm certainly going to join in the fun!


Aim:  To pin the saddle on the hump

Find a suitable place to stick the Camel. In turns, blindfold the children and spin them gently (once or twice). Direct them to the Camel to pin the saddle. Child who sticks it closest to the hump wins.

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Aim: To break open the Piñata using a stick. 

The hitter stands around 3-4 feet away from the piñata then aims to hit it. Hitters all take turns until the piñata is broken.  Children run to get the hidden treasures! 

Get the tutorial HERE


Aim: To find the most balloons

Download the FREE Printable then cut out balloons. Place them around the house or garden and get the children to find them all. Make it challenging by adding a time limit. You may also want to write down where you've hidden them!

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Aim: To be the first to gather all items on the paper

Purchase the following printable or make your own. Look around the home to get inspired. Give the list to each child and let the hunt begin! 

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Aim: To guess what you're touching

You'll need to make a box similar to this. Cut out a window on the front and 2 holes from the back (allowing children's arms to fit through). I added felt on the inside.  Gather objects around the home. Children take it in turns to place arms in the holes to touch and guess. 

Aim: To pop the balloon and act out the challenges

Ideal for 4 years+. Write challenges on a piece of paper and insert into different balloons before inflating them. Children will have to bump the balloon in the air until the nasheed's stop. The last person to touch their balloon has to pop it and perform the challenge.  Challenges can be anything like

Touch your nose with your tongue
Can you pick up things like a pencil, using your toes
Jump like a Kangaraoo
Tell us a joke
Find something green
Hang a spoon off your nose
Lick your elbow
Spin around in a circle until you’re dizzy and then try to walk a straight line
Can you hold a pencil between your upper lip and your nose
Jump in the air and try to click your heels together off to your left or right side
Wiggle your nose  
Try to keep the balloon up in the air for one minute 


Aim: Feed the sheep good deeds by throwing bean bags in his heart 

Firstly, make the sheep by drawing on some cardboard then cut a heart in the centre. You'll also need
mini bean bags or balls.  Line the children up around 1m away from the sheep. Each child takes turns in saying a good deed they've done recently then toss the bean bag in his heart.

Aim: To collect as many cotton balls before time runs out

Spread cotton balls on the floor in an allocated area. Each player has their hands tied behind their backs and a dash of cream or vaseline on their nose. Start the timer.  The players walk to the cotton ball area, bend over to use their nose to pick up the cotton balls. Players who gets the most cotton balls win. Make it competitive by having teams!

Aim: To name most items on the tray

Place objects on a tray or table. Children get 30 seconds to carefully look at it. Remove the objects and children have to either write or verbalise what they remember. The child with the most things wins!

Aim: To have fun acting!

Form a group of 4-6 children and find an area viewable to the audience. The game begins when you yell out ‘Space Jump’. Child #1 jumps on the scene and acts out whatever comes to mind first. After 30 seconds, yell out ‘Space Jump’ again. This is when child #2 ‘jumps’ in and starts acting a different scene. Child #1 must play along with child #2. Keep doing this until all children are on the scene acting. You’ll be surprised at what children can come up with. 

Aim: To be the last one sitting

All players have to run, jump, skip, hop, dance while the nasheeds are playing. When the nasheeds stop, they sit on the floor as quickly as possible. The last one to sit down is out. Continue until you have a winner. 

Aim: To sit on the last cushion

Similar to musical chairs but with cushions. Line cushions facing each other, one less than the number of children playing. Turn on the nasheed. Children then move/dance around near the cushions. Once the nasheed stops, they have to sit down on a free cushion. The player without a cushion is out. Remove one cushion and repeat until you have only 2 players and 1 cushion. The one to sit down first on the last cushion is the winner. 

We hope you end Ramadan on a positive note and have a wonderful joyous Eid. Eid Mubarak!


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