Islamic Fabric Badges

Islamic Fabric Badges

I recently discovered how to print on fabric using freezer paper so I got crafting!

But wait! What on earth is freezer paper? I hear you.  It's a thick paper that is generally used to wrap foods destined for the freezer.  One side is shiny with a plastic or wax coating and the other is just like ordinary paper. It's great to make templates and also adheres to fabric when ironed!

Freezer Paper isn't well known in Australia. I managed to find some at Spotlight (at the fabric counter). This can be also be purchased from Amazon and Ebay.

Anyway, back to our super cute fabric badges. These were made to help encourage and motivate my boys through their Quran journey. Here's how we made them.

What you need:

  • Freezer paper (I used Reynolds brand from here.)
  • Cotton Fabric (I used canvas)
  • Thick adhesive felt
  • Pen
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • Brooch Pins (I used these)
  • Strong glue (I used Helmar Tiger Grip Glue)
  • Designs (download or create your own)
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Iron
  • Optional: Coloured felt and no sew tape


How to make:

 1. Cut freezer paper to the size of your printer paper. I cut an A4 size.

2. Iron fabric to remove any creases.

3. Place freezer paper underneath fabric then iron. The shiny side of the freezer paper must be facing up towards the fabric so it can stick.

4. Cut along the edges of the freezer paper making sure there are no frayed threads. You can also iron again to make sure both fabric and freezer paper are intact.

5. Load fabric sheet in printer tray. Fabric side should be facing the direction of printing. Then print your designs. You can downloads my designs from HERE.


6. Carefully cut around your badges, then peel the freezer paper off and recycle.


7. Trace your badge onto the adhesive felt. Cut the adhesive felt then peel and carefully stick your badge on top of the felt.


8. Use strong glue to stick the brooch pin behind and let it dry.

Optional: If you don't have access thick adhesive felt just cut regular felt. Layer it with no sew tape, then place the badge design on top and iron until it adheres. Depending on the type of felt used, you may need some extra felt where you'll glue the brooch pin.


You can also add felt ribbons to the star shaped designs. Add the brooch pin and you're done!

I’d love to see you make this and help encourage your children in their Quran journey. Please tag us if you choose to share your work in your social media posts. You’ll find us on Instagram (@brb_raisingkids) and Facebook (@brbraisingkids).

Zed + Q

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