DIY Moon Phase Wall Hanging

DIY Moon Phase Wall Hanging

We took a spin on our Moon Phase Paper Garland featured in our Craft Book, Craft It Up, and made it into a more durable decorative wall hanging piece.  We're using this not only as decor but as a learning tool for Yaseen this Ramadan.  

We used a diy clay recipe found in Craft It Up but any air dry clay or even salt dough will do. (Pinterest has many great recipes too.)

What you need:
  • Small Branch
  • Twine 
  • Wooden Beads
  • Felt (cut in moon phases)  
  • Clay Moons 
  • Glue Gun
  • Drill (optional) See Notes if you don't intend on using a drill*


Step 1: 
Drill 7 holes in the branch making sure they're spaced out. Cut 7 pieces of twine approx. 1m long, then thread through. 


Step 2: Pull the twine through the holes leaving more twine towards the lower half. Then double knot it at the branch.

Step 3: Insert 2 wooden beads through each string. Carefully layout where each moon will be placed. Then cut the remaining string.  (I used the beads as a measuring aid to allocate each moon correctly.)

Step 4: 
Flip the branch around, then glue the string in the centre of the moon, followed by the felt piece. (Double check the moons reverse positioning before gluing.)

Step 5: Add a bead at the top then tie a loop. 

Enjoy xx

If you want to skip the drilling you can. Just tie the 7 strings on the branch. Follow through the rest of the steps. Then tie another string on each side of the branch to hang.

Zed + Q

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