Coconut Bird Feeder

Coconut Bird Feeder

As part of our Qur'an Inspired Montessori Ramadan activities we decided to create a bird feeder for the following ayah;

“So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it.” (Az Zalzalah: 7)

The idea around this activity is to teach our 4 year old that no act is too small in the sight of Allah. Also, that Allah loves it when we reuse things and not be wasteful. You can read more over on our Instagram Page


What you need:

Coconut  ▫️ Bamboo skewer (optional) ▫️ Twine ▫️ Drill ▫️ Bird seeds ▫️ Glue Gun (optional)

How to:

1.  To empty the coconut content, poke the softest 'eye' with a metal straw/skewer.


2. Drain your coconut (completely). 

3. Place coconut in a preheated oven (150 degrees) for about 20 mins. It'll crack once ready. 



Use a knife to slowly break open around the coconut, then scoop out the flesh. 

4. Drill 2 small holes on opposite sides of the coconut for the bamboo skewer.

5.  Insert bamboo stick and use some twine to hold together. Pictured below was our original bird feeder. To make it balanced we drilled another 2 small holes on the sides and inserted some twine. We also used the glue gun to hold the bamboo skewer in place. 


Now you're ready to add the seeds. We used both sides of the coconut to make  2 bird feeders. For the side with the 'eye hole'  we used the hot glue gun to cover it.  It's a beautiful little activity which helps make us appreciate the small deeds we usually take for granted.


If you do try this, we'd love to see your bird feeder!

Zed + Q


Zed + Q

SubhanAllah! never knew that coconut could be cracked open like this without having having to bash and literally going on a war with it lol. Such a lovely bird feeder. Jazakillah khair for the tutorial sis 💕

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