"My first Quran With Pictures" Book Review

"My first Quran With Pictures" Book Review

My First Quran with Pictures is EPIC! I mean it! When I first heard about this book, I had to purchase it. Both Yaseen and I are visual learners, and this was perfect!  

It's A4 sized which covers 25 Surah's (An Naas to Al Balad) in both Arabic and English translations. Having both languages makes it a bonus as Yaseen learns new vocabulary along the way. Each Ayah has clear illustrations of what it's portraying. The detail is magnificent! You can really see the amount of hard work that has gone into this. 

I originally had purchased this book for Yaseen, however, after reading My First Quran, this has enriched my daily prayers just by helping me visualise the ayahs being portrayed. I've found it much easier to understand. I love the fact that Yaseen questions every little detail, which opens doors to discussions. 

We're trying to instill the love for Allah in our children and having this book with us makes us enjoy Allah's beautiful words more.  I know Yaseen will remember these moments, just as I still remember reading Quran with my father.

Insha'Allah, cannot wait for part 2!

Meet the author HERE. You can order 'First Quran with Pictures' here https://www.faithbooks.co.uk
Zed + Q


Zed + Q

Jazakallah khier sister for sharing this lovely review. Alhamdulillah, i’m so glad you and Yaseen like it. May Allah bless his journey to knowledge and always keep him on the straight path. Ameen❤️

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